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  1. Customized Fit – 4KPS has developed a premium thermoplastic that captures every detail of your teeth so that the fit for the athlete is true. 4KPS has eliminated the need for custom dental impressions that lead to high-priced mouth guards.
  2. Unobtrusive Design and Maximum Protection – 4KPS offers the most protection with the smallest footprint of any mouthguard on the market. 4KPS has drastically reduced the bulk that interferes with the athletes ability to breathe and speak while at the same time reinforcing the areas most subject to dental trauma.
  3. Unparalleled Communication – The 4KPS R&D team has uncovered that current mouth guards significantly reduce the athlete’s ability to communicate. 4KPS has scientifically designed a mouthguard that increases intelligibility of communication by not interfering with the athlete’s tongue.
  4. Increased Breathability – 4KPS mouth guard has been designed with a low-profile that is virtually unnoticeable and provides the athlete with optimal comfort and breathability.
  5. Scientifically relevant – Collares et al. (Dental Traumatology 2013) concluded that mouthguard manufacturers should focus on the development of a mouthguard with maximum protection and minimum influence on communication.

4KPS has delivered maximum protection, increased breathability and unparalleled communication in its revolutionary mouthguard.

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